For over 40 years, Lema has championed the ‘Made in Italy’ aesthetic, by expertly mixing innovation and tradition and turning quality and personalisation into its unique selling point.
It was the first company in Italy to create custom modular systems for the day and night area.

A complete range for the home that can be arranged according to personal taste and requirements, incorporating not only the modular systems but also sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables and other home items.


worked in different ways create
these impeccably designed items

Specializing in bespoke modular systems for both living and sleeping areas,
Lema has drawn on its deep technical expertise to reinvent itself many times throughout its existence,
building up a comprehensive home range that includes seats, soft furniture, tables, storage, beds and accessories as well as its trademark systems.

Great attention is paid to each and every phase of manufacture, from design
- carried out in close collaboration with the designers themselves -
right through to the final product.

Compositional flexibility, modularity and customization, sophisticated aesthetics and high quality in terms of materials and manufacturing are the keys to the success of Lema.